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Quality Global Macro Investments

We believe you should be paid for taking risks. We also believe in the process of reversion in the markets. Asset classes with relatively high risk premia, relative to risk free assets, will outperform assets with relatively low risk premia.

We put these concepts to work in building our Global Macro portfolio. We track risk premia for global equities, global bonds, commodities and real assets over time using proprietary tools to decide when to initiate concentrated long or short positions in those asset classes. We also overlay our view of currencies to arrive at the final portfolio.

Professional Experience Navigating Global Markets

This is a world of ultra-low interest rates, increasing debt, increasing government intervention, aging population and unsustainable entitlement programs. Therefore, the kinds of companies we invest in will have cash to return to shareholders, cash for acquisitions and cash to buffer the volatile economic environment.

The portfolio ranges from +200 to -100% exposure. We do not use significant leverage and we meticulously monitor risk factor exposures to assure a diversified portfolio.

We believe a concentrated global portfolio of these types of companies, identified through financial statement analysis and thorough research, will outperform the markets in the coming decades.

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