Investment and Asset Management Professionals

HAV Capital was founded on the agreement that the interests of our clients come first. Our products are geared to deliver returns in a volatile and uncertain environment. Our 0% management fees are based on the belief that if our clients don’t profit, neither should we.

Our Investment Philosophy

Based on Behavioral Finance – Academic Research has shown that many investors overpay for growth, react inefficiently to change, overestimate their forecasting abilities and suffer from the Disposition Effect (holding losers, selling winners).

Our philosophy takes advantage of investors’ biases which create mis-pricing in asset markets. Academic research has also demonstrated that building low volatility portfolios of securities tends to generate above market returns over time. Therefore, we measure valuation of stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities and currencies relative to each other over time. We take concentrated positions in securities that we believe are undervalued and low volatility, and we offset those positions with short sales of overvalued, volatile securities. Our valuation tools track relative valuation over long periods of time and many market cycles.